World’s first digital all in one solution for teaching German

Deutschfuchs is a brand new combination of digital textbook, student administration and self-learning system for German as a foreign / second language.

Blended learning at its Best

Deutschfuchs was born directly out of practice: from teachers for teachers. We want to offer foreign students the best possible introduction to the German language and equip all German teachers worldwide with authentic teaching materials. There are also professional translations in 9 languages.



Language is the key to integration. Our textbook contains a broad spectrum of everyday language and important information about Germany / regional studies so that students can participate in life in Germany directly.


High quality

Teachers have access at all times to hundreds of high-quality materials developed to the highest quality standards in Germany.



All lessons of our textbook are digitally networked and can be edited from any smartphone, tablet or computer. No purchase of expensive hardware. No installation. No books to order.

Deutschfuchs. For the modern German teacher.

Deutschfuchs not only provides you with a digital textbook – your students will automatically receive everything they need to learn German in a single product:


10000+ vocabulary – professionally translated and dubbed (with word lists for each lesson)

1800+ verbs – conjugated and professionally set to present, past tense and perfect

700+ lessons with a total of 1000+ pages

5000+ interactive exercises with gamification elements


You can find an overview of the complete material database here.












All important topics from A1 to B1

Deutschfuchs is oriented towards the GeR and deals with all important topics at levels A1 to B1. Each grammar topic consists of an introduction and several exercises. The material builds on each other and you as the teacher can adjust the order individually at any time. Our textbook also contains numerous teaching series on vocabulary work, competence training and regional studies (e.g. job or apartment search, Christmas, politics, school, and much more).

Interactive exercises with additional material

Our grammar exercises can also be edited with a smartphone or tablet and, thanks to sample solutions, can be compard directly and automatically. All content is networked with each other. This means that the students automatically receive the appropriate vocabulary and conjugation lists – individually translated by our translators into their mother tongue and professionally dubbed so that everything can be listened to without limit.

Self-study area for students

With an individual access code, students can login in their personal area. There they have access to all the material that you have activated as a teacher. For self-study, there is also a digital card index to learn vocabulary, a conjugation trainer, and a training area with thousands of additional exercises with gamification elements.

Clear student management

As a teacher you create classes, small groups, and pupils. You manage their access and passwords, set their language for querying vocabulary, leave personal messages, allocate material and exercises, and can also see the progress of tasks directly. And not only that, you’ll also be automatically notified when someone has written a new text for correction. All content is optimized to work perfectly even with a small bandwidth internet connection.

Useful correction system

With our built-in correction program, you and your students will never have to send text files back and forth again: If someone has written a text, you’ll be automatically notified and can correct it directly in the software. The changes are highlighted in red and compared to the original text. You can also add footers with additional annotations.

Games for in between

In addition to various lessons, we regularly supplement digitized games that can be played together in the classroom or in small groups: Card games, dices, swivel wheels, bingo, couple searches and much more ensure variety, repeat grammatical topics and encourage students to speak in a completely natural way.

Get your access to Deutschfuchs including a german material flatrate today

Deutschfuchs Standard

With access to the software and use of all functions, unlimited access to the material database including reproduction rights for up to 50 of your own students and regular updates for constantly new material for your lessons.

Deutschfuchs Pro

All services of the Deutschfuchs standard access, additional whitelabel function: All materials, the student access and the games carry your personal logo. Provided via a neutral URL.

*Note on prices: The Deutschfuchs membership works like a gym or streaming subscription: While your subscription is active, you may use, print, send and share all materials as often as you like with your own students. Your students can also use all additional features such as the vocabulary trainer and interactive exercises for an unlimited period of time. The public distribution (e.g. on Facebook, Pinterest, in forums, Google-Drive without password protection etc.), the resale of the material without your performance as a German teacher, the removal of the Deutschfuchs logo (exception: Deutschfuchs Pro access) and the use of an account with several teachers are not allowed. The subscription can be cancelled monthly. Here you find our complete terms of use (in German).

Deutschfuchs EDU / Business / Non-Profit

Do you work at a public school, at a language school, for a non-profit organisation, or are you the owner of a language school? We offer free test access to companies, schools, and organisations with two or more active teachers, special conditions and effective opportunities for working together. Just send us a message.

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