World’s first digital all in one solution for teaching German

Deutschfuchs is a combination of digital textbook, student administration and self-learning system for German as a foreign and second language.

Blended learning at its Best

Deutschfuchs was born directly out of practice: from teachers for teachers. We want to offer foreign students the best possible introduction to the German language and equip all German teachers worldwide with authentic teaching materials. There are also professional translations in 27 languages.

Deutschfuchs solves these problems!

Individual Learning Paths

With Deutschfuchs, you can effortlessly provide tailored support to each student, no matter how diverse your learning group is.

Time-saving lesson preparation

Always have current, practical, and engaging content for your lessons, while minimizing tedious correction work.

Modern learning experience with blended learning

Deutschfuchs seamlessly combines traditional classroom teaching with e-learning to create a varied and motivating learning environment.


For detailed insights and personalized advice, we invite you to contact us. Our expert team is available for discussions in English, French, Spanish, and Italian to best accommodate your needs.



The advantages Deutschfuchs provides you:

Translations in 27 languages

In the learning process, missing words can cause misunderstandings. Deutschfuchs tackles this challenge by offering translations of its entire vocabulary into 27 languages.

Enthusiastic Students

We strive to turn your class into motivated and active learners. The combination of engaging topics and diverse task formats is essential for sustainable education. It’s a known fact: students who enjoy learning, learn better! Our modern learning platform, compatible with all mobile devices, seamlessly integrates into your students‘ lives. Offering age-appropriate content for a wide range of ages, from 6 years old to adult education, it features captivating stories, and genuinely relevant and interesting topics form the content foundation for our various German learning series.


Deutschfuchs is a digital learning platform for German as a Foreign Language (DaF) and German as a Second Language (DaZ). However, practical use does not require a specific degree or to be a German language expert. We provide comprehensive explanations and assistance for teacher users, so you can use Deutschfuchs regardless of your specific focus. To help with common issues, we’ve created a series of instructional videos on YouTube. The software is easy to use without prior knowledge, just as simple as checking emails or using a social network. The important thing is to be there for your students to discuss questions and tasks, as Deutschfuchs is intentionally not designed as a pure self-learning tool, but as a support for classroom teaching and a complement or replacement for the traditional coursebook.

Simple administration

Deutschfuchs is a complete Learning Management System (LMS) that operates independently and autonomously. You can manage your learners and groups, monitor progress in real-time (thanks to our unique live synchronization, even during lessons), collaborate with colleagues, track attendance and activities, and much more. However, it’s the combination with our top-quality content that truly brings out the advantages of the Deutschfuchs LMS. It can be aptly described as the “jack-of-all-trades” solution for DaF/DaZ teaching.


Real-Time Synchronization

Real-time synchronization of all inputs for a constant overview of learning progress.

All Devices

Deutschfuchs runs without installation on all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). Suitable apps are available for mobile devices.

High-Quality Content

All Deutschfuchs content has been completely redeveloped, optimized for digital use, and tested in practice.

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